• I plugged the tablet in my PC but it doesn’t work.

Please make sure all the connection is stable and solid. And don’t forget to install the driver. (you can follow the instruction on the manual)

  • It take a long time to reboot my computer when the tablet is connecting to my PC.

Please go to BIOS and turn off boot from CD-ROM.

  • There are noticeable delays when I drawing.

This problem is caused by software that only support mouse as input device. Please open the ‘graphic tablet’ application and click the ‘standard mouse mode’ and confirm. Problem should be fixed.

  • The cursor is constantly fluttering or jittering when I’m using the pen.

The tablet works by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. If there is a strong electromagnetic interference nearby, the cursor may jitter.
The power brick of notebook computers, adapters, and equipment with transformers are common sources of electromagnetic interference. Place these devices a little farther away from the tablet, and interference can be effectively avoided.

  • I can’t use the graphic tablet to draw anything in Photoshop.

It is usually caused by the compatibility issues within older versions of Photoshop.
Please use Photoshop CS6 or later on Windows 7 and XP; Photoshop CC or higher on Windows 8 or later.

  • The nib was stuck and pressure constantly higher than 0 on pressure level indicator.

Please use the nib tweezer to replace the nib, usually the problem would be solved.

  • When I plug in the tablet, my mouse stop working, unplug the tablet and the mouse is working again.

Please follow the following instruction.
1. Open task manager, find a process called wisptis*32
2. Right click the process and choose ‘Open file location’, this location should be inside the ‘Office’ category.
3. Right click this process again and end this process, then rename this file as ‘WISPTIS32’
4. This problem should be solved for good.

  • The pressure level indicator constantly showing numbers higher than 8192

Please download the tablet reset tool

  • I don’t have pressure sensing in Photoshop CC on Windows

Please download the repairing tool

  • Photoshop CC error caused by Windows 10 KB4093112 update patch.

Solution 1: uninstall the KB4093112 update.
Solution 2: Download the repairing tool